World Wine Tour

Discover the Wines of the World

World Wine Tour, World Wine Tour
The World of Wines – World Wine Tour !
The world of wine is not limited to red, white, Beaujolais or Bordeaux. There are fantastic wines in Mallorca but also all over the world with their own local character and grape types, whether red wines, white wines or rosé wines, sparkling wines, organic or biodynamic wines.
If you wish to learn more about the world’s wine regions and their wines, then you have come to the right place on our World Wine Tour. Here you can expand your knowledge and your tasting experiences as well as discover and enjoy wines from all regions of the world with our specialists.
6 | Wines
5 | Delicacies

Foodies and wine connoisseurs will appreciate expanding their knowledge through a wine course taught by experts in a friendly atmosphere. If you attend one of our dinner events, you will learn how to combine wine and food perfectly, by making the ideal wine pairing.

With a 5-course tapas menu you will experience which nuances complement each other perfectly. After attending our wine events, you can of course cook our menus for your family and friends with the help of our recipe book. Check the wine theme of the week at the booking overview.

Course – part 1

Introduction to the world of

  • History of wine
  • Wine production
  • Growing areas and grape varieties
  • Assemblage

Course – part 2

Choose the perfect wine and serve it right

  • Wine Terms:
    Grand Cru, Premier Cru, Millésime, Appellation, Indication of quality etc…
  • Understanding wine labels correctly
  • Wine Tasting: see,
    smell, taste, evaluate

Enjoyment part 3 hours

Wine Pairing Menu
Discover wine and food in perfect harmony.

Menue Mola Santa Calina

  • Welcome Drink
    Veritas Brut Nature NV
    Prensal Blanc
  • Cuttlefish Croquett
    Ribas Blanc 2022
    Prensal Blanc, Girö Ros, Viognier
  • Roasted pumpkin, feta cheese with notes of mint and caramelised pecan nuts
    Tianna negre, Ses nines Selecciö 07/9 2022
    Chardonnay, Prensal Blanc, Muscat de Frontignan
  • Crispy cannoli filled with salmon tartar and avocado cream
    Fermangca rosado Bordoy 2022
    Callet, Syrah
  • Sobrasada and manchego risotto
    Sio Negre Ribas 2020
    Mantonegro, Syrah, Gargollassa
  • Cheesecake with Mahön cheese and quince
    Veritas Dolg 2022
    Muscat Blanc

The world of wines

7.3 million hectares of vines

29 countries represent 91% of world’s wine production

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